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    create multi level user authentication/authorization in jboss as 7.1.1 realm

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      I have a project running on jboss 7.1.1. Now the requirement is to create user with different type of roles so that each user can be authenticated & mapped to the appropriate role. for example: 1) I would like to create one super admin user which has the admin privilege & can edit/del other users 2) I would like to create subadmin users which also has the admin privileges to add/del/edit the users but each subadmin user cann't modify the other subadmin users & their corresponding users 3) users which is created by subadmin/admin should only have user privilege & each user can't modify other users.

      I do understand that I can very easily do the 1) using jboss realm but about other things I don't have any Idea. Can someone help me on this?

      Also I didn't understand what are the default role-name available.. because different people use different roles (user, manager, director, admin etc.) & how to distinguish between them.