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    Wildfly Docker implementation issue

    Kranthi Desaraju Newbie

      I am trying to implement Widfly 9 for our Docker implementations. I am almost at the end of the implementation. One last piece is causing an issue. Here is the problem,


      We are trying to use https for our LB setups and LB will communicate our Docker containers using the port 8080. To use the requester host name, I am using following configs in standalone.xml to get the Dynamic host address. Things are working fine when hitting the physical boxes directly.


      wsdl-host= jbossws.undefined.host


      But when using LB URLs using https,  We have to update the endpoint to use https ( For example in SOAPUI) to complete the request. Is there any way to mimic the host name functionality for PORT as well to use the requester port ?

      I mean something like

      wsdl-port= jbossws.undefined.port