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    seam-gen : reverse-engineering DB : convention to define man

    Damien Huriet Newbie

      Hi !

      I'm trying to find the convention to use so that seam-gen generates a many-to-many relationship.

      I'm using seam 2.0 in Eclipse Europa and JBossTools.
      My DB is in MySQL 5.0.
      The wizards to "generate entities" from an existing DB works very well.

      I'have understood that there is a convention to name the link table to preform the many-to-many relationship between two other tables,
      but I could not find a precise description of it.

      What name should I give to this link table ?
      Is there other thing than the name to do ?

      Thanks in advance !
      And thanks JBoss and all the contributers for their great job about Seam !
      It rocks !