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    Class-Design vs. Performance

    Daniel Wachter Newbie

      Hello Together

      I've developed a few application with hibernate-support.
      Now for my final exam i have a project with a huge arise of expected data...(measurments)

      Of cause of flexibility reasons I made a Class-Model which is very scalable.
      I have the classes:

      - Device
      - Attribute (knows many Devices)
      - Measurement (knows one Device and one attribute)

      Now, I expect arround 50'000'000 measurement entries to store per day.
      For me it looks, that I should make a Table in the database that holds all the measureents from one device (about 100) that will be after yet 500'000 rows of data.

      Should I make this grouping of measurements or is it irrelevant in the aspect of hibernate?

      Can I make this grouping with the Hibernate Annotations or do I need another Model-Class for this?

      Thank you for helping...