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    Possible transfer-encoded chunking issue on JBoss EAP 6.2

    marvin blubaugh Newbie

      We started having an issue with one of our applications that may be related to the recent security patch for chunking. The application has a large multi-part form and when the form is submitted one of the text input parameters is missing its data  when the request is received at the application (not always, but very frequently). This seems to happen more frequently as the amount of data increases (very frequently at 30KB and above). This happens for Internet Explorer and Firefox. On the server side we have an Apache 2.2.26 server setup as a reverse proxy with SSL that is connecting to the JBoss server via the AJP port. We have verified that all data is being sent, all data is being received at the Apache server, and that the number of bytes sent matches the number of bytes received at the AJP port (8009). However, when the application receives the request stream one of the parameters that should have had a value is blank , and not always the same parameter. Additionally, on a test server that was having the same issue, we temporarily bypassed the Apache server and the issue went away.

      Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Could this be an issue with how the JBoss server is handling the chunked data?