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    Trying to set connection.setReadOnly(true) using Hibernate E

    Him You Ten Newbie

      I'm using the MySql Connect/J ReplicationDriver to connect to my MySql master and slave databases.
      I modified my -ds.xml file to use the ReplicationDriver and have both the master and slave in the connection-url.

      It starts up fine but when I try to make a query go to the slave it throws an error:
      You cannot set read only during a managed transaction!

      The code snippet is inside a stateless bean:
      HibernateSession hs = (HibernateSession) em;
      Session session = hs.getHibernateSession();
      Query q = em.createQuery(query);

      I'm not sure this is the correct way to set the connection to read only when using EntityManager but I can't see any other way via annotations or other settings.

      Is there any way to get the query to be sent to the slave? Use two entitymanagers with different ds?