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    Sql Endpoint creation and consumption on inter domain networ

    Radha Krishna Prasad Newbie

      I am able to create BASIC-CLEAR-INTEGRATED sql http endpoint and consume it on a LAN. But i am not able to consume the created endpoint on inter domain network. If i create endpoint on a server having live IP and try to access it as from a LAN which has its own proxy then I am not able to access it ; and get HTTP 500/HTTP 501 error in the browser.

      In a different way i create an sql http endpoint in my web project and publish it on a server having a live IP then access this website from a LAN which has own proxy, i am able to access all pages but not able to do data transaction from database, because the data would come through the endpoint and it rejecting an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

      So how can we access a sql http endpoint of a project published on a live IP from a proxy wall type LAN ?

      Please try to resolve it...

      Thanx in advance..

      -Radha Krishna Prasad.