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    Extra space and CR within generated HTML (From JSP)

    Gilad Fitoussi Newbie


      We experience a strange behavior that I couldn't find any reference anywhere.

      We are using JBoss (9.0.200)

      We have a JSP that contains several tags and mostly pure HTML/JS.


      When JSP is converted to HTML we can see in the browser ViewSource the following:


      As you can see, it was cut with several CR and spaces in the middle of the JS.

      I checked the generated servlet from the JBOSS cache and I can see everything is Fine:


            out.write(" if (value == \"\" && document.getElementById(\"divCombo\").style.display == \"none\")\n");

            out.write(" gObj.getObj(\"userText\").value = \"\";\n");

      out.write(" document.getElementById(\"divText\").style.display = \"none\";\n");

      out.write(" document.getElementById(\"divCombo\").style.display = \"inline\";\n");

      out.write(" }\n");

      out.write(" function onLoad() {\n");


      When using WebLogic everything is fine.

      Any Idea?