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    Increasing cores impacting wildfly performance on windows server

    Abhinav Gupta Novice



      We are using wildFly 8.2.0 Final in standalone mode. Env is windows server 2008 ( same observation on 2012 )

      We have some rest calls in our application. Under normal circumstances , we see reponse time is ~1 sec.


      When we increase cores , of the windows VM environment , we see drop in performance.


      1. 8 cores --> 9 sec
      2. 4 cores -->3 sec
      3. 1 core --> less than 1 sec



      Now when we moved deployments to Linux boxes we don’t see any performance drop. But we have requirement to use windows  ( customer holds that infrastructure )

      Not sure how number of cores can impact performance in this way.


      Attaching standalone-full.xml


      Thanks in advance for your help !