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    How memory is managed in distributed caching?

    Udit Mishra Novice

      I have few questions.


      1.) The documentation says, in distributed cache, keys are stored on some nodes(not all). I want to know, given a certain size of the cluster say n, what can be the number of nodes on which these copies will be stored? Also, how nodes are chosen?? I mean, what factors are taken into consideration while choosing such nodes??


      2.) We are using distributed cache in domain mode with two nodes. One is domain controller and the other is host controller. We have set maxEntries to -1 which means no limit on entries. If I am keep on putting data, at what time the cache gets filled up?? And what happens if it gets filled up completely?? can I know the cache size or is there any way I can get notified (client) that the cache is about to reach its limit??


      3)  Lets say if I have set maxEntries set to 100, and I have two nodes as per the above configuration. Will domain controller node also store data? And If yes, then using this cluster, at the max I can store 200 entries, since its distributed, right?


      4) What will happen if all the nodes on which the distributed copies were stored went down. Will client still be able to get data??