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    How to register a Service Provider (ResourceBundleControlProvider) for application in Wildfly 9

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      i need to register a Service Provider, a ResourceBundleControlProvider, for my application in Wildfly 9.
      I built a jar containing the needed files. When i start Wildfly using "-Djava.ext.dirs=pathToLibExtContainingTheJar;PathToJreLibExt it works fine.
      But as i understand, it should also be possible, to simply place the jar in standalone/lib/ext, but then, the ResourceBundleControlProvider is not used.
      I also tried, to add it to the dependencies in jboss-deployment-structure.xml with argument services="import" as shown "Class Loading in WildFly" in the Wildfly 9 Developer Guide, but it did not work either.
      So can someone tell me how i register my ResourceBundleControlProvider, without using -Djava.ext.dirs?


      Thank you,