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    Can security be given per cache?

    Udit Mishra Novice

      In our implementation, we will have different clients and one dedicated cache server with n number of nodes. We are thinking of keeping one distributed cache per client. What are the options of giving per cache security? We are thinking of giving a cache one role, and only one user will be the participant of that role. Is it possible??


      What can we do alternatively to manage collision of different client cache keys with same name, even if the second client knows the cache name of first client's cache??

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          Tristan Tarrant Master

          While authentication is global for an endpoint (and there is a 1:1 relationship between endpoint and container), cache authorization is per-cache. Therefore you can map a dedicated role to each cache and assign that role only to the users which require access to that cache. You could also decide to perform authentication using client SSL certificates and use the certificate's principal (the DN) as a role.

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            Udit Mishra Novice

            Could you please give me a more insight about how to create roles and assign them to the existing users (as I know I can create management users from add-user.bat).


            Also, how clients can provide that information about role while communicating with the server??