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    Cloud Native Camel riding With JBoss Fuse and OpenShift

    christian posta Newbie

      Just did a blog on Fuse on OpenShift... also pulled together a non-trivial/non-helloworld app and converted it to FIS with the following things to highlight:


      • Generating the kubrenetes.json file with the fabric8 maven plugin
      • Adding PersistentVolumes to the kubernetes.json file with a type-safe DSL
      • Building Camel Boot apps
      • Building immutable Karaf apps
      • Discovering JBoss AMQ in a kubernetes environment
      • Building Docker images for Camel Boot and immutable Karaf
      • Deploying apps to OpenShift
      • How to merge multiple kubernets.json files into a single kubernetes.json file for “all in one” deployment
      • Connecting to local/remote docker daemon/openshift installations
      • Exposing SOAP and REST HTTP services via Kubernetes Services
      • Using Spring inside Karaf
      • Integration testing on Kubernetes with fabric8-arquillian

      Take a look at it for demos of Fuse on OpenShift, or to get a deeper understanding of some of the things we have in Fuse on OpenShift