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    Testing REST interfaces

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      So I have an Model-API jar that contain the core classes and interfaces of the applicaton like


      public interface LoginService 
        public LoginResponse login(LoginRequest loginRequest);


      and for the server end I have the implementation for it


      public class LoginServiceImpl implements LoginService 
         ... does the actual stuff


      and then a REST endpoint as a concrete class


      private LoginService loginService;
      public class RESTLoginService
        // login method that passes along parameters to the implementation


      The problem is that apparently you can't use the concrete REST-class as a @ArquillianResteasyResource and you should use an interface. I don't want to annotate the LoginService with JAX-RS annotations (the Model-API jar is used on non-EE environments such as Android anyway). Is there any other option that sort of duplicate the LoginService to another, similar interface on the server side? I'd hate to change architecture just in order to do testing and it appears a bit loose-coupled just to sync the interfaces manually. Arguably, the REST endpoint methods are currently not coupled anyway since it's a concrete class, but... Any experiences on how to handle this? Is the "JAX-RS annotated interfaces" the recommended approach, even without the testing-perspective?


      Thanks in advance,