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    Getting different instances of @RequestScoped bean during remote EJB call

    Torsten Römer Newbie

      On WildFly 10.0.0.Final, I have a simple SLSB firing a CDI event:


      public class CDITestBean implements CDITestRemote, CDITestLocal {

         private Event<IVolumeEvent> events;

         public String insert(final String value) {
           final IVolumeEvent event = new VolumeEvent();

           return String.format("value: %s", value);


      and an @ApplicationScoped "CDI event observer" for the type of events fired by the EJB:


      public class VolumeEventObserver {

         private Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(VolumeEventObserver.class);

         private TransactionHandler txHandler;

         public void inProgress(
             @Observes(during = TransactionPhase.IN_PROGRESS) final IVolumeEvent event) {
           logger.info("@Observes progress() {}", String.valueOf(txHandler.getUUID()));

         public void afterSuccess(
             @Observes(during = TransactionPhase.AFTER_SUCCESS) final IVolumeEvent event) {
           logger.info("@Observes success() {}", String.valueOf(txHandler.getUUID()));

         public void afterFailure(
             @Observes(during = TransactionPhase.AFTER_FAILURE) final IVolumeEvent event) {
           logger.info("@Observes failure() {}", String.valueOf(txHandler.getUUID()));


      TransactionHandler is a @RequestScoped CDI bean:



      public class TransactionHandler {


          private UUID uuid = UUID.randomUUID();


          public UUID getUUID() {

              return uuid;




      If I now make a remote EJB call to CDITestRemote, I get different instances of TransactionHandler during the same request (same thread, same transaction):


      18:09:54,372 INFO  [VolumeEventObserver] (default task-19) @Observes progress() 193aa274-8f5e-462a-89ca-9b827b4ed9ba

      18:09:54,388 INFO  [VolumeEventObserver] (default task-19) @Observes success() beb1a62b-ad74-4477-888a-880dd6db3ce1


      The WELD reference however states:


      The request and application scopes are also active:


      I tried the same in TomEE and there it works as expected:


      @Observes progress() d583b6f8-02fc-45f7-80ca-6b0023cf7ac7

      @Observes success() d583b6f8-02fc-45f7-80ca-6b0023cf7ac7


      Could this be a WELD bug?