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    Dave Whitla Newbie

      Where can I find the documentation for WildFly 10? I am migrating from Glassfish.


      I've followed the documentation link from the WildFly home page and tried a few search engine queries but all I've been able to find is a ton of dead links, references to various previous releases under the WildFly 10 documentation root and "Coming Soon" pages last updated in 2011.

      Specifically, the Getting Started Guide refers only to WildFly 8, was last modified in 2014, has a bunch of "todo"s and a broken Confluence include.

      Every last Getting Started Developing Applications Guide directs to a broken link.

      I get that this is a community driven project and I'm here to help, but its hard to get to the "fixing documentation" stage when there are such impediments to getting started.


      Is any of the relevant RedHat JBoss documentation useful when working with WildFly 10?

      If so, could someone please point me to the right place to start.