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    jboss eap 6.3 logging

    Dheepan H Newbie

      As for the JUL logging ..found the given below hint in jboss forum and tried the same to initiate logging for specific application in jboss eap 6.3, but the steps didn't work out for enabling the log.

      Found from jboss forum:

      If you're using JUL logging the problem is there is no way for it to use a log4j configuration file. The server uses jboss-logmanager which is an extension of JUL. When java.util.logging.LogManager.getLogManager() is invoked it returns a org.jboss.logmanager.LogManager. This is how a logger is created if you're using JUL.

      You can get logged messages from your application to go into a separate file. However any server components, e.g. JAX-RS, JSF, etc, will always log to servers log configuration. By default server.log.

      There are three ways to get your applications messages to be logged to a different file.

      1. 1. Define a logger in the logging subsystem configuration for your category, add a handler to that logger and set the use-parent-handlers to false.
      2. 2. Create a logging-profile and define the configuration as you'd like.
      3. 3. Use per-deployment logging with a logging.properties file (assuming you'reusing JUL). Note that the logging.properties file needs to be in the jboss-logmanager format and not the JUL format. It's not really documented at this point so I'd be happy to help if that's the route you'd like to go


      kindly provide a alternate approach or a steps/implementation with some real time example will be better and appreciable.