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    Authentication of users directly based on the OS credentials?

    Frank Langelage Master

      In preparation of our next ERP software release which will include Wildfly 10.x as the application server for the Java based parts, we are thinking about the way users of our web-application are authenticated.

      Application including Wildfly AS runs on Windows, Solaris and AIX servers.

      Currently we're using Database login module where identities and roles are maintained in 2 database tables.


      This means the application administrator who creates the identities for the web-application either needs to know the password of the user or creates a new one independent of the password on the operating system.

      As many of our customers also have a policy to change passwords regularly, passwords for web-application get out of sync and often stay unchanged.

      As you can imagine, there are customers who are not happy with this situation.


      In Windows based environments we might use an LDAP based authentication module querying the Windows Domain Controller, but this would also mean we have to have a deep look into customers Windows DC setup.

      Because of this we not like this way.


      The ideal solution for us would be, if we could be able to authenticate the users against the operating system.

      Is this possible? Anybody successfully did this already?