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    Java Inheritance with respect to Swithyard/Camel

    Raman kalra Newbie

      Hi All ,


      I was going through different components of Switchyard with respect to Java's Inheritance feature.

      The only information I got on this topic was through this link which mentioned about extension module



      However I had few questions

      If I have a service exposed as Rest Easy binding , Can I extend that service to change the path or the content type consumed




        public interface AccountInterface {
           public String getAccountDetails(String jsonString);


      now I want to override this


      public interface TestInterface extends AccountInterface {
        public  String getAccountDetails(String jsonString);


      This is not working for me ? I am getting failed to execute: javax.ws.rs.NotFoundException: Could not find resource for full path:

      Could you please give me a pointer on this or some example which worked


      waiting for replies from the community . Apart from is there any other component in switchyard which we can override or overload.Thanks in advance


      -- Raman