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    HornetQ cluster configuration with persistance disabled on server and non-durable Message Driven Beans

    Abhishek Abhishek Newbie

      Is there a limitation in configuring the hornetq HA cluster in wildfly 8.2.0 with following requirements.

      1. <persistence-enabled>false</persistence-enabled> in hornetq-server configuration.

      2. Non-durable subscribers (MDBs)


      With 1st configuration, if i am using <shared-store>false</shared-store> (replicated journals) then backup server doesn't start successfully.

      while if we use <shared-store>true</shared-store> with setting respective directories like

      <paging-directory path="\\<SERVER_NAME>\shared-journals/data/paging"/>

      <bindings-directory path="\\<SERVER_NAME>\shared-journals/data/messagingbindings"/>

      <journal-directory path="\\<SERVER_NAME>\shared-journals/data/messagingjournal"/>

      then backup server comes up but failover doesnt happen.


      Does anyone tried this kind of configuration before, or have any idea, if this is possible?