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    Wildfly 10: WFLYCTL0216: Management resource '[(\"subsystem\" => \"ejb3\")]' not found

    jamat Newbie

      In my standalone.xml I define a pool instance:




                          <strict-max-pool name="MyPool" max-pool-size="100" instance-acquisition-timeout="5" instance-acquisition-timeout-unit="SECONDS"/>




      Now when my application starts up I try to read the 'maxPoolSize' attribute from JMX (I am using  "jboss.as:subsystem=ejb3,strict-max-bean-instance-pool=MyPool" for the name).

      When I do that I got the error in the title.

      If I do 'wait' some time before querying JMX to let enough time for the server to start then it works.

      How can I deal with that? The 'wait' is not every nice. Is there some dependency that I can add? Or some 'notification' that will tell me when the 'ejb3' subsystem is ready?