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    Jboss developer studio jars (eap and standalone) doesn't work on IBM power platform

    Sudarshan Jagadale Newbie



      I am just trying to run the ''java -jar jboss-devstudio-9.1.0.Beta2-installer-eap.jar" but it doesn't work on ppc64le, exit with following error.

      It clearly means that ppc related plugins are not available with jar. So can any one suggest how to go ahead, I mean any standard steps to port it on ppc, source link, i dont find got source links? its in zip formate? any configuration changes before building it on ppc? Please guide


      ============================================================ JAR exit log ================================

      press 1 to accept, 2 to reject, 3 to redisplay


      [ Starting to unpack ]

      [ Processing package: P2 Director Application (1/4) ]

      [ Processing package: Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 9.1.0.Beta2 (2/4) ]

      [ Unpacking finished ]

      Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: TestNG (org.testng.eclipse.feature.group Missing requirement for filter properties ~= $0: Standard Widget Toolkit 3.104.1.v20160113-0811 (org.eclipse.swt 3.104.1.v20160113-0811) requires 'org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.ppc64le [3.104.1.v20160113-0811]' but it could not be found Cannot satisfy dependency:  From: Eclipse UI 3.107.0.v20150507-1945 (org.eclipse.ui 3.107.0.v20150507-1945)  To: bundle org.eclipse.swt [3.103.0,4.0.0) Cannot satisfy dependency:  From: TestNG Eclipse Support (org.testng.eclipse  To: bundle org.eclipse.ui 0.0.0 Cannot satisfy dependency:  From: TestNG (org.testng.eclipse.feature.group