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    SSO and security-domains

    jamat Newbie

      In my standalone xml I enable <single-sign-on>.

      Now I deploy 2 webapps each using their own security domain (which is specified in their jboss-web.xml).


      Question now: should sso works for those 2 webapps? That is, if I log in to one webapp, should I be able to navigate to the other one without authenticating?

      If I am not mistaken this is the behavior in JBoss EAP 6 (and I guess this is because you can specify if you want reauthentication or not)

      But this is not the case with Wildfly 10.

      Again is this the expected behavior?

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          jamat Newbie

          Let me clarify my problem.

          <single-sign-on> will not work in the scenario above in wildfly if the username/password that I used for the first webapp, that is for the first security-domain, is not valid for the second security-domain. But if the credentials are valid on both security-domain (regardless on the actual backend) then I can navigate to the other webapp.

          It seems to me that wildfly will 'reauthenticate'.

          Is there an option to override this? (like it exists in Jboss EAP 6?)