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    DefaultRevisionEntity - extending it fails JPA validation - entity has no primary key attribute defined

    Daniel Brumusescu Newbie

      Dear adamw


      As I read on the Hibernate Envers 4.2 site
      Chapter 15. Envers

      for a revision log, in order to implement a custom @RevisionEntity, there are 2 solutions:

      1. extend DefaultRevisionEntity class
      2. implement from scratch the new class without extending DefaultRevisionEntity.


      I tried solution 1 but it failed - there's a JPA validation failed in my JBoss Dev Studio: The entity has no primary key attribute defined

      When I looked in the source code of DefaultRevisionEntity I saw that the attributes are private, not protected:




          private int id;



          private long timestamp;


      So this is the source of the error.

      Why don't you make the above attributes protected ? Or set the above annotations on property level ?