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    JBoss Data Grid library mode with multiple applications sharing caches - what is efficient way

    Prasanth Pagolu Newbie

      What is the most efficient way of having Infinispan/JBoss Data Grid in library mode with several applications using same caches?

      I currently setup JBoss Data Grid in library mode in EAP 6.3, have about 10 applications and 6 different caches configured. Cache mode is Replication. Each application has a cache manager which instantiates the caches that are required by the application. Each cache is used by at least 2 applications.

      I hooked up hawtio and can see from JMX beans that multiple cache managers are created with duplicated cache instances. From the logs, I see:

      ISPN000094: Received new cluster view: [pcu-18926|10] (12) [pcu-18926, pcu-24741, pcu-57265, pcu-18397, pcu-26495, pcu-56892, pcu-59913, pcu-53108, pcu-34661, pcu-43165, pcu-32195, pcu-28641]

      Does it have a lot of overhead in cache managers talking to each other all the time? I eventually want to setup 4 cluster nodes with JBoss data grid in library mode so how can I configure so that all applications in one node share same cache manager hence reducing noise? I can't use JBoss data grid in Server mode which I am aware will fulfil my requirements.

      Thanks for any advice.