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    rich:menuItem and resetValues property

    michal_d Newbie


      in project which I am co-developping we are currently working on RF 4.5.8 and we are using resetValues property on rich:menuItem component. We need it to handle opening popups with validated inputs.


      Now we have to upgrade RF to at least 4.5.11 because of:


      [RF-12098] PickList doesn't accept comma in string value - JBoss Issue Tracker


      and according to:


      [RF-14171] @resetValues was added to not listed components - JBoss Issue Tracker


      our rich:menuItems won't work as it worked till now.


      Is it possible that you will reconsider adding such property to rich:menuItem component again?


      If not, do you have any idea how to make a clean workaround?


      We have found that it's working alright if we add a4j:ajax to rich:menuItem like that:

      <a4j:ajax event="begin" oncomplete="open popup" resetValues="true" />


      but it doesn't satisfy us. From our observations it seems that if we want to do something on the 'begin' event there is also triggered request on the 'click' event. But if we change 'begin' to 'click' it doens't work. So basically we end with an additional request on the 'begin' event.


      Looking forward to any replies.