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    how to use maven resolver with dynamic arguments?




      I am using the maven resolver as follows:



      MavenResolverSystemImpl mrs = (MavenResolverSystemImpl) Resolvers.use(MavenResolverSystem.class, cl);


      MavenResolvedArtifact[] artifacts = mrs.loadPomFromFile(pomFile)

                           .importDependencies(ScopeType.COMPILE, ScopeType.TEST, ScopeType.PROVIDED, ScopeType.RUNTIME)



      However, in order to resolve the dependencies appropiately, the user needs to set, when he is using maven, dynamic args like:


      -Dversion=1.0 -Drelease=1.0.0


      I haven't found a way to set it into the API. I have tried also modifying the System properties, but no success. In my opinion, the loadPomFromFile, should have an additional parameter for this purpose. What do you think?