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    How to clone Application deployed in WebSphere to JBoss (WildFly)


      I have a application which is running WebSphere Application Server & IBM HTTPS server.And below is the setup


      1. Static Content is deployed in IBM HTTPS server under the DocRoot "/opt/www/static/xyzweb" and configuration is done to point to app jvm & contextRoot.
      2. Application File (.EAR) is deployed in a jvm in WebSphere Application Server with contextRoot as "xyz"
      3. This JVM is pointing to Oracle DB via JDBC - DataSource Connection. (uses ojdbc6.jar)


      I want to setup the above architecture in my JBoss (WildFly 8) and run the application.Basically cloning it in Jboss AS


      As of now, I just has launched JBoss (WildFly) in Standalone Mode, deployed a sample .war file with contextRoot as abc and able to launch the application.




      How can I achieve this.... For static content deployment, can i use undertow here....Please suggest