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    How to turn-off/remove "server version" in HTTP response header in Fuse 6.2

    thomas elavarasu Newbie

      Whenever i send request to my service URL "http://localhost:8181/cxf/LoanService/getLoan/1232323", response contains below HTTP header details;

      HTTP/1.1 200 OK

      Transfer-Encoding: chunked

      Server: Jetty(7.6.7.v20120910)

      How to remove/hide server version in response header.

      I have tried with camel- route configuration as below;

      "<removeHeaders pattern="*" />"

      But its not worked out. Meanwhile i tried to intercept the response by using cxf-out-interceptor, but Message contains only content-type & date in PROTOCAL_HEADERS.

      Is there any configuration in Fuse container level to remove this header key from HTTP response?