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    Jboss CLI if statement

    El Arbi Abou Newbie


      I'm trying to create a jdbc-driver and a datasource using CLI commands. But my commands syntax is not behaving as I've expected.


      jboss-cli.bat --commands="connect, if (result.outcome != success) of /subsystem=datasources/jdbc-driver=mysql:read-resource, /subsystem=datasources/jdbc-driver=mysql:add(driver-name=mysql,driver-module-name=com.mysql), end-if"


      It does not creating anything ! even if the return of /subsystem=datasources/jdbc-driver=mysql:read-resource is "failed"


      But if I do this :

      jboss-cli.bat --commands="connect, /subsystem=datasources/jdbc-driver=mysql:add(driver-name=mysql,driver-module-name=com.mysql)"

      it prints :

      {"outcome" => "success"}


      And creates the jdbc driver !

      Same pb with:  if (result.outcome != success) of /subsystem=datasources/data-source=MySQLDS:read-resource ....


      Any idea ?