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    Adding a delay to wait for EJB3 Timers

    El Arbi Abou Newbie



      I'm using Arquillian 1.0.0.Alpha1 foe remote testing on Wildfly 8.2.1.

      How can I test a method marked as @Timeout ?

      I want to be able to make my test wait for some seconds for ex.

      Since the test are in container tests I must not use Thread.sleep. So how can I do that ?


      This is an excerpt of my service under test :




      public class PublicationService {



          TimerService timerService;



           * Publish a player for a certain period of time

           * @param player

           * @param periodInMillis

           * @return


          public Publication publish(Player player, long periodInMillis) {


              Publication publication = playerRepository.createPublicationForPlayer(player);

              Timer time = timerService.createSingleActionTimer(periodInMillis, new TimerConfig(player, true));

              return publication;





          public void retract(Timer timer) {

           //do some domain stuffs...






      Thanks for your help.