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    Infinispan cluster with shared file cache store.

    Eugeny Balakhonov Newbie

      Hello everybody!


      I want to create Infinispan small cluster with 3-4 nodes. This cluster should service simple but big cache between database and web-clients.


      I don't want to lose cached data  after reboot of cluster. It means that cache store is needed for data persistense. But which type of cache store is better in my case?

      My wishes:

      1. I don't want create difficult design with separate database with access over JDBC. Database in this case - single point of failure. And I should spend resources for run it.

      2. All nodes in my cluster must be same. I can stop/start their in any time.


      May be good way is create a shared file system for all nodes and just place on it files of cache store? But which file system store can be used in my case?  This is not easy choiche:

      1. Single File Store can be fragmented and have no tools for compaction

      2. Soft-Index File Store is experimental

      3. LevelDB can't work in shared mode from separate processes (nodes)

      4. BerkeleyDB isn't supported after version 5.3 of Infinispan


      People, how you build Infinispan clusters with cache data store?


      Best regards,