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    Migrating from Glassfish 3 to Wildfly 9

    Jeremy Stallard Newbie

      As many others have done I'm making the jump from Glassfish 3 to Wildfly 9.  One of the issues that I'm running into though is our Authentication pieces. Does anyone know the equivalent of the Glassfish's "sun-web.xml" files "httpservlet-security-provider" value and how to configure it.



      For example we are using AuthenticRoast,


      My old file sun-web.xml file looks like:

      <sun-web-app httpservlet-security-provider="roast">







          <parameter-encoding default-charset="UTF-8" />



      And my old web.xml file has:



      The context-param never really seems to init and authentication is never attempted.  Has anyone else seen this or do you have any ideas?