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    logging confiuation missing for wildfy 10 domain mode

    Gulam Samdani Expert

      I am facing a problem when Running WildFly-10 in Domain Mode."logging configuration not found"


      i am doing :

      $ cd $WILDFLY_HOME

      $ cp -a domain master

      $ cp -a domain slave-1

      $ cp -a domain slave-2

      $ mv slave-1/configuration/domain.xml slave-1/configuration/


      $ mv slave-2/configuration/domain.xml slave-2/configuration/





      for master :    domain.bat       -Djboss.domain.base.dir=master

      for slave  :    domain.bat        -Djboss.domain.base.dir=slave-1     -Djboss.domain.master.address=


      server console give error : unable to read logging configuration form file -- master/configuration/logging.properties

        but file exits in this directory


        any one please tell me , how to resolve this error ?