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    JBoss EJB Client behind proxy

    andreimatei Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      Some background info:


      • I'm using Wildfly 8.2.1 as a EJB container.
      • the server is unreachable via internet, can be accessed only via  http proxy.


      I'm trying to use the JBoss EJB Client to make a remote call, and it fails since it doesn't pick up the proxy settings (that are set by System properties - the Java way).


      Is there any solution to my problem? After a quick debug, I can say the problem is in "xnio-all-3.3.0.Final/nio-impl/src/main/java/org/xnio/nio/WorkerThread.java:319". It tries to make a SocketChannel.finishConnect and it times out since it doesn't pick up the proxy.