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    mod_cluster Maxcontext limit

    Aparna Chaudhary Newbie

      We are using WildFly 9.0.0.Final in domain mode setup with total 7 hosts; one server per host and few EAR files deployed per server. Each EAR file consists of typically one or two WAR files. With this set-up, the default MaxContext limit of 100 is not sufficient. The domain startup fails with following error.


      [Tue Nov 24 09:54:25.639323 2015] [:warn] [pid 44569:tid 139842172188432] manager_handler ENABLE-APP error: MEM: Can't update or insert context

      We have increased the limit now from 100 to 150 and that works for us now. But are there any undesired side effects of increasing this limit may be in terms of resource usage?