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    Can't import ParseException class in teiid-engine sub of 9.0 Alpha code?


      In the  org.teiid.api.exception.query , class QueryParserException, the import of org.teiid.query.parser.ParseException doesn't resolve for me.  I've tried maven reimports, synchs, re-pulled from master to make sure I'm on the right branch, etc.  Checked the parent pom and it's all green and looks healthy.


      I did a Maven import in Intellij 15.0.4 and Eclipse Luna both and have the same issue.


      I'm convinced it's a Maven import knucklehead move on my part but can't get the project healthy to work on a possible bug in the Impala translator (for DECIMAL pushdown).  I did mvn imports with auto import of subprojects and the projects all appear in my IDEs but that import doesn't reconcile.  Anyone smell anything or have mvn web search terms that might help?


      Thanks in advance!