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    how to increase http request/response timeout in jboss 7.2


      I have Install the Jboss 7.2 and deployed the my application.

      when i access the application URL its working fine when try to login the user name and password it will get the bunch of recorder. but its taking lot of time ( more think 6 min)

      after the it will display the recorder. In Jboss 5.1 its working fine after upgrade the Jboss 7.2 its not working.

      Note:- if i try same config in UAT system its working fine (it will take less then 2min) because UAT have less recorder.

      For DB connection using properties not datasources.


      com.bpi.persist.pojo.xyzDAO - done getTransBatchJobs method to get list of jobs
      2016-02-25 22:16:06,182 1091073 [http-/] DEBUG com.bpi.xyz.action.ListTransBatchJobAction - done getting list of jobs -- exit

      I was thinking if we increase http request/response  timeout it will work can you please let me know how to increase http request/response  timeout in Jboos 7.2 standalone-full system.