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    Any timeline on v2.0.1? (SW-2825)

    Murray Todd Williams Newbie

      I know it's bad form to pester developers about releases and specific efforts, but I've been wanting to run SwitchYard with WildFly 8.2.x for months now. From what I understand from previous comments, that functionality is supposed to comes with release version 2.0.1.


      From what I can tell, the only ticket holding this up is SWITCHYARD-2825 ("Upgrade Saxon to 9.5.1-5_1") which seems relatively minor, but hasn't been updated since November. I've been checking for any status change on this every Monday, and I just thought I would put in a polite vote for 2.0.1 to get wrapped.


      (If I'm wrong in my interpretation and 2.0.1 won't fix the "won't run under WildFly 8.2.x" let me know.)

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          Tom Cunningham Master



          The next community release won't run under WildFly 8.2.x (and it won't be 2.0.1).     You're right in the idea that we want the focus of the next community release to provide updated support for WildFly, but since there have been so many releases of WildFly between the time that we provided WildFly 8.1 support and now, and because we want to align with future versions of EAP, we're targeting WildFly 10 as the version of WildFly we'd support.     I believe that Tomo has already committed support for WildFly 10 to master :




          I'm not sure when we'll finalize the release - there are a number of other features that we'd like to get in - alignment with wildfly-camel modules, dozer support improvements, bug fixes.     However, you should be able to try out the WildFly 10 support now if you build master (we can work you through any issues you might have with building).      Having a few sets of eyes on it from the community would really help.


          Is there interest in an early-alpha or beta of the next release at some point soon?



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            Murray Todd Williams Newbie

            Thanks for the clarification, Tom. I had based my assumptions on a forum comment that was many months old, so I'm glad I asked.


            I remember once trying to do a build of SwitchYard (well over a year ago) and having a mess of a time at it, but I'll try to see if I can do that again. I'm happy to donate a set of eyes (bandwidth permitting). And yes, an early-alpha or beta would be great by me. My biggest thing has been having something that could run against a more stable version of WildFly. Version 7 had its frustrations, and I was really hoping 8.2 would give me a solid WildFly + jBPM + Switchyard including admin consoles, etc.


            Additionally (but not exclusively) I would really love to be able to set something up on an OpenShift WildFly container in order to create and deploy a rapid prototype of something with a proper event-driven component. SwitchYard's @Service annotations and overall SCA abstractions make, in my opinion, the development of a true J2EE application clean and elegant and potentially "lightweight".