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    Cannot close open editors in Drools Workbench 6.2

    Steven Wood Newbie

      In the Drools Workbench, there is a user that has many items open in the editor that don't actually exist (along with having names that never existed which include the number 25 repeated many times).  When I go to close those items, I get the following error in the Chrome console:

      SEVERE [LogConfiguration] Exception caught: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'k' of null


      Since I don't have steps to reproduce, I'm not looking for a fix to the naming issue.  However, it would be nice to know where the list of open items is stored so I can clear it out and the business user can get back to using the workbench normally.  I've attached a screenshot of just how bad the drop down is; none of those file names ever existed.