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    Supported Archive Formats For Module Resources

    jfisherdev Apprentice

      I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this; however, I was not able to find a space for JBoss Modules.


      I am curious if other archive formats besides JAR, such as EAR or WAR, are supported for module resources.


      I have not been able to find anything about this in the JBoss Modules documentation. I also have not seen any examples of archives other than JARs as module resources, which would seem to suggest that the other formats are not supported.


      Any information about this would be appreciated.

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          jfisherdev Apprentice

          As far as I can tell, the other archive formats are not supported. I am not sure why one would want to use these archives as module resources or how it would work; however, I thought I would try it and report my findings.


          As a test, I added an EAR as a module resource, added a dependency to the module in the jboss-deployment-structure.xml of an application with a dependency on libraries that were in the EAR, and then executed the code in the application that depends on the libraries in the EAR. This resulted in class not found issues.


          Based on my testing, I will assume that the answer to my original question is that archive formats besides JAR are not supported for module resources.