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    WildFly Batch and JBeret Samples

    Cheng Fang Master

      (Copied from JBeret Forum as these samples may interest WildFly users as well.)




      contains several sample web applications to demonstrate certain features in batch and JBeret.  Many JBeret-specific features, such as extended batch property injection of common java types, JSL inheritance, a rich library of reusable batchlets, item readers and writers are applied in samples.


      There samples were previously at GitHub - chengfang/wildfly-samples: Samples for WildFly and related technologies, and I recently moved to its current formal place as a sub-module of project JBeret.


      We hope they can help you develop batch apps with JBeret, WildFly and JBoss EAP 7.  Should you have any issues and comments, feel free to share with us here or on Github, JBeret Jira, or WildFly Batch Jira.  Pull requests for fixes and new sample apps are always welcome.