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    Entity Inheritence with primitive datatypes causes a Propert

    Daniel Tretter Newbie

      when using entity inheritence with jboss 4.2.2 the EntityManager.find() call causes a

      when called on superclass type and the subclass contains a field of primitive type.
      For example, i have two entities Person and Employee
      public class Person implements Serializable{
       @Column(name="ID", nullable=false)
       private int id;
       @Column(name="NAME", nullable=false)
       private String name;
       // getter and setter.....
      public class Employee extends Person implements Serializable {
       @Column(name="SSN", nullable=false)
       private int ssn;
       //getter and setter

      now after persisting a Employee a call on
      entityManager.find(Person.class, id)
      will result in a PropertyAccessException:
      Caused by: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: Null value was assigned to a property of primitive type setter of org.example.entity.Employee.ssn

      the value in the database is not null, and it worked fine with JbossAS 4.0.5

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          Daniel Tretter Newbie

          after two days of debugging, it seems the embedded hsql database in JBoss4.2.2 creates a wrong result set from the join statement.

          The statement:

           person0_.ID as ID0_0_,
           person0_.NAME as NAME0_0_,
           person0_.SSN as SSN1_0_,
           person0_.clazz_ as clazz_0_
           null as SSN,
           0 as clazz_
           from PERSON union select
           1 as clazz_
           from Employee
          person0_ where

          results in a unexpected NULL value in the SSN Field of the resultset. which causes Hibernate to produce the PropertyAccessError.

          with the hsqldb embedded in jboss 4.0.5 the statement produces a correct resultset.