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    Unable to clean database due to FK references

    Oscar JJFxd Newbie

      i'm having exactly the same issue as this thread:

      Unable to clean database - arquillian-persistence-extension

      And I also saw the roadmap: Re: Arquillian Persistence Extension roadmap


      Basically I have an yml file:

        - id: 2
          username: "asdad"
          password: "asdas"
        - id: 1
          user_id: 2
          name: "My New Team"


      Which is loaded in my database using Arquillian Persistence Extension.

      When the test runs, I get:

      "Caused by: org.jboss.arquillian.test.spi.ArquillianProxyException: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException : ERROR: update or delete on table "user" violates foreign key constraint "team_user_id_fkey" on table "team""


      Is there any updates on how APE handles FK references? How should I proceed in this case to be able to work with APE?


      ps: I am using postgres, so I cant deactivate integrity checks.