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    Can jboss nodes in a cluster have different ip's ?

    ishan bakshi Newbie



      I am a bit confused with the concept of nodes and cluster. I read on this page(Re: What are nodes in a cluster?) that nodes are jboss instances running on the same ip(which means the same machine) but on different ports.
      My understanding was that nodes in one cluster can run on different ip's as well. Is that correct?

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          For sure.


          You might run two instances at the same physical machine by

          1) use different ports, maybe for test and you only have one IP for your machine

          2) differnent IP, this is a bit of network admin/coordinator issue. You need to have two IP's bound to your NIC or maybe two NIC's for the same machine


          I would prefer 1) for tests and dev as it is easy to setup without network knowledge or the Admin

          and 2) for production to have a better view in logfiles (different IP show clearly different instance) and you can separate the traffic if needed