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    Hook before start of managed server

    Michael Faber Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      i just started working with Arquillian and so far it works pretty good.


      I use a managed WildFly 10 Container to run my tests during a maven build. For most of the tests this setup is sufficient and works without any problems.

      However for some tests i need to add some configuration modules to the WildFly modules/ directory, because these modules are required by the test deployment.

      My problem is, that i don't see any possibility to execute code before the WildFly is started. I tried adding the module during the @Deployment phase of the test, but this is only excuted after the server start, hence the module is not known by the WildFly server during deployment.


      My question is, if there is some kind of hook/annotation (similar to @Deployment) that i can use to execute code before the server starts up.

      I looked through documentation, but can't find any information on this topic.


      I understand that you can always use a remote container that is configured all the way you want to deploy/run your tests, but in this case i am looking to use a managed container.


      Thanks for your time.