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    Webservice with Spring and Hibernate hang when concurrent call for kjar

    Percy Tan Newbie



      I have created a webservice (JAX-WS) using Spring and Hibernate, which is deploy into the JBoss EAP server as a war file. Inside this webservice, I have a class that will pull the kjar remotely using http as below:


      KieServices kServices = KieServices.Factory.get();

      KieRepository kRepository = kServices.getRepository();

      UrlResource urlResource = (UrlResource) kServices.getResources().newUrlResource(comSysPara.getParameterValue());




      InputStream inputStream = urlResource.getInputStream();

      KieModule kModule = kRepository.addKieModule(kServices.getResources().newInputStreamResource(inputStream));

      kContainer = kServices.newKieContainer(kModule.getReleaseId());


      After that i will use the kContainer to make newKieSession to run the BRMS rules.


      In the kjar, I have a process (.bpmn2) which is used to control the ruleflow-group. Everything in the webservice works perfectly if concurrent calls does not occur. However, if there is concurrent call calling the webservice, the webservice will just hang without any exception/error.


      Is this the correct way to do?