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    RHQ - Last Availability Report ?


      Dear RHQ community,


      I have one simple question : what is the Last Availability Report date shown in the "Administration > Agents" page ?



      All the Last Availability Ping dates are OK whereas some Last Availability Reports date back several days back.

      The metrics for the concerned agents are well monitored.

      Thank you in advance for your help.



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          Hi Maxime,


          Agents ping the server like a heartbeat, to indicate that the agent is up and running.  That is the Last Availability Ping time, and it probably gets updated frequently, every minute or so.  The Last Availability Report time is literally that, it's when the server processed the most recent availability report from that agent.  The availability report is a report indicating the Up/Down status of the resources the agent is monitoring. For a system that has been running smoothly this date may look old because a report is sent *only when an availability changes*.  Meaning, unless a resource changes state (from up to down, for example) the agent does not have to inform the server, it would be a waste of processing.  If in fact you know that avails are not being updated correctly from that agent, and no reports are being sent, then it may indicate an issue on that agent, like very heavy load that prevents it from processing efficiently. Hopefully that is not the case.

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            Thank you for this complete answer.