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    Camel-Zookeeper: from is not reading node content

    Barbara De Vido Newbie



      I'm trying to use the camel-zookeeper component.

      I have no problem in writing content into the nodes, but when I read it, I always get a null body.


      This is what I have in zookeper:


      JBossFuse:admin@scheduler> zk:get /triaHAApp/simpleapp JBossFuse:admin@scheduler>


      See, the node is populated with a value.


      In camel Route I have:


      This is the log "foundZoo":


      Exchange[Id: ID-localhost-localdomain-41396-1458053966468-15-32, ExchangePattern: InOnly, Properties: {CamelCreatedTimestamp=Tue Mar 15 17:29:11 CET 2016, CamelMessageHistory=[DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=initZookeeper, node=log86], DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=initZookeeper, node=to132], DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=checkZookeeper, node=to133]], CamelTimerCounter=10, CamelTimerFiredTime=Tue Mar 15 17:29:11 CET 2016, CamelTimerName=foo, CamelTimerPeriod=60000, CamelToEndpoint=log://foundZoo?showAll=true}, Headers: {breadcrumbId=ID-localhost-localdomain-41396-1458053966468-15-31, firedTime=Tue Mar 15 17:29:11 CET 2016}, BodyType: null, Body: [Body is null], Out: null: ]


      The body is null!


      The only way I found to obtain the content is to add the options "repeat=true". This way the "from zookeeper" is executed again, and I obtain a not null body, But I do not what to write the content if the content is already there.


      Why does it return NULL the first time?



      The route is triggered every minute, and every minute I obtain null, is not something due to startup of the container.


      Thank you