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    Is it possible to exclude the "schema" attribute in hibernate reverse engineering generated @JoinTable JPA annotations?

    Wolfgang Werner Newbie

      Hi there,


      we're generating JPA enities using hibernate reverse engineering within Eclipse (5.0.0.Final-v20150924-2221-B39) using "Java 5 Syntax", "Generate EJB3 Annotations" and the Generic Exporter with slightly modified templates based on the Pojo templates.

      We'd like to exclude the "schema" attributes from all annotations.

      For @Table, managed to exclude it by removing it from the template in "Ejb3TypeDeclaration.ftl".


      I'd like to remove it from @JoinTable in @ManyToMany relations as well.

      However I can't find a place to set this in neither the Run Configuration nor reveng.xml nor the reverse engineering strategy.

      Is there a way to do so? Any pointers are much appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,